What is Depression?

depression-4Depression are deep wounds engraved in your heart,it’s when you see no purpose to this life,when you feel you have no purpose.Its when you yearn to feel true happiness ,you yearn to feel something but you trapped in your dark thoughts,your hearts frozen and there’s no warmth left.you crave for that warmth even if you must pretend but that to is an effort on its own,it’s when you just can’t face the world and everything it contains,so you just distance yourself from everything that you love even if it means pushing everyone away[but you really can’t help it].Feels as if you drowning in your own body but you just cant seem to save yourself,you crying for help but no one hears your cry and aching heart.Its when you  constantly looking at another and wishing you could have/feel their happiness just for a day.ITS AN ONGOING NIGHTMARE..you feel worthless, like you no good for anyone and keep on wishing yourself to disappear and you feel like everyone will be better off without you in their lives.you start questioning your existence,as to “Why do i exist?”..”why did i have to come into existence?”..”Things would’ve been better if i wasnt around”…It becomes intensely dark that you begin to scare yourself,you’re afraid of where you’re heading to but yet at the same time your heart is extremely numb and you can’t feel thing,you become to incorporated in that feeling that you become comfortable…but yet there’s very little light left[hope as we call it]trying to fight off this negative energy but it seems it travelled to far.

Have you ever felt this way?

Are you struggling to find yourself?

Do feel like you’re drowning in your own body and can’t seem save yourself?







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