maxresdefault.jpgNow you see this woman is my role model.Why do i say this?,well because I’ve never came across a stronger female like my mother..Shes strong spirited and she’s beyond Amazing in every way possible…I love her for everything she was and has become,she keeps me sane in this insane world.If I had a bad day or even need to vent or complain she’d be there.She knows me like no other and tolerates my annoying ass.My mother hasn’t had things easy.I’ve always been my mothers right hand from a very young age..she was pretty must dependent on me because i was the only one she could vent to,all i would do is listen to understand and be there for her in every way possible.It wasnt easy because it had a huge impact on me to..seeing my mother break down day in and day out..its a nightmare for every child.Who wants to see their mother in tears and drowned in sadness..i felt helpless,because i wish i could take her pain and sorrow but it wasnt possible.

So at the time my father was involved with another woman and i knew before my mother found out..i saw the signs[red flags]i knew this,but i was too afraid to open up about it to my mother because i didn’t want them to part ways.Every child wants a stable and happy home,you know,but carrying this was such a heavy burden.There’d be days when i would cry myself to sleep,there would be days i would want to run away,being in such an awkward position as a child is beyond crappy,i never wanted to open up because i knew my mother would hurt and all i wanted was for her to be happy.She eventually found out and it broke her..she had frequent mental break downs ..Seeing my mother like this broke me but i had to keep it together,i had to keep it together for my 2 younger siblings.I built up extreme anger for my father because he was the cause of all this pain,like how could he do this to my mother and his kids..My mother never deserved it,she was way to good to him and she being part of the reason his so successful why would you throw down the one person that has gotten you up there.?..BUT he remains my father,I don’t hate him ..i just hate what he has done to my mother and it affected me so much as a child…

I was confused and hurt for so long,seeing my mother break down.

I made it my duty to give this lady a piece of my mind because i could no longer handle any of this.

my words to her was”im going to say this in the kindest of ways,although I don’t feel you deserve it but i definitely wont stoop to your do you live with yourself knowing you broke down a family that was good,how do you feel that you took their happiness?..How do you sleep at night knowing there is someone out there that’s struggling to sleep because the pain is just to much.why dont you pray for someone instead of actually going out there and wrecking marriages[families].Please stay away from my family or else.

since then,she stayed away.

If you’re wondering if my parents are still together ,yes they are BUT things are not the same.TRUST is broken ..Now you’re probably asking yourselves ‘why doesnt she just leave?..well because she prefers to stay in because of her kids…she’d put herself in that position because of her kids,but she’s stronger now.Im so proud of her!,and she’s probably reading this right now which I know she will lol,Shes the light of my life,I live for her smile and laughter.Shes the most sweetest ,most beautiful soul you can find and you deserve the world mom..Your presence is what everyone needs to lighten up their life♥♥♥♥

o-MOM-IS-A-WARRIOR-570.jpgHonestly,im not 100% over that,when i speak about it I’d still break was a Traumatizing ordeal for me as a young child,

but it’s slowly making me stronger.







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